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New Year 2021 plans!

Hi everyone, a big Happy New Year to all of you! Can you believe we survived the dumpster fire that was 2020? Well done! Honestly it was such a tough year for everyone, I don't know a single person who wasn't affected in one way or the other.

Having a change in year though can really help you mentally take a look at yourself and see what you want to improve. I know some don't like New Years resolutions but for me I look at it as a way to improve myself and enrich my life. I gave myself a longer break than I was planning (after years of working either in retail, or a studio that closed for only 3 days of the year, I seized the opportunity to rest after a very stressful year) and wrote down some goals to hit and improvements to strive for.

1) Have more wonderful clients & produce more commission work

I had the opportunity in 2020 to work with some lovely clients and even help start up new businesses that are now thriving! I always get that nervous excitement when I get to work with clients, like getting those nervous butterflies in your tum. I know sadly the market for new clients is tough and even more so in 2021, especially due to Covid19 and Brexit. Sadly many are finding it tough to find any work at all, let alone start up a new business in such an unstable market. This is why my next goal is...

2) Produce Pre-Made graphics

I currently sell digital paper packs, and although these have served me well I really want to expand and use more of my skills as a designer. I want to create packs of pre-made graphics, whether this be business card templates or Instagram story highlights. I think offering some already pre-made graphics will not only help me improve as a designer, but also offer digital assets people need without the price tag of a commission. Of course these won't be custom or on brand for an individual but I think it's a great way to push my work out there more.

3) Apply to Creative Market

Applying, and hopefully being accepted, to Creative Market would be a dream! This ties in with the pre-made graphics above as I could offer these on Creative Market with licenses! That means I don't have to worry so much about the legal side of the ownership of the graphics, which can be a headache when selling on sites such as Etsy. I'll be applying once I have more pre-made graphics in my Etsy shop and let you all know how it goes. Fingers crossed!

4) Expand into Twitch graphics

This was something that I didn't expect to go into, but after enquiring with friends about it I think there's a real market for this. This ties in a lot with my 2nd goal but it's something I'd like to offer it as a commission based service too. I'm hoping once I've taught myself how to create the graphics I'll be able to put together a price list on the site for custom commissions for streamers.

5) Run a bullet journal for 2021

Last but not least I'd like to carry on my bullet journal this year. I really enjoyed creating my bullet journal for 2020 and it's a great way for me to not only be creative with my hands, but help me stay on track and be productive. I was hoping to post my first spread before or on the 1st Jan but sadly the postal service her in the UK is backed up and with Brexit, I do worry some things will be stuck at the boarder for while. As soon as I get it I'll be creating my spreads but for now it's a waiting game. I would like to keep on top of one this year and produce spreads before the month starts.


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